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Cold War Liberalism and The Labor Movement: The Epic Fail

Cold War Liberalism During the Cold War, Labor unions violated the basic principle of solidarity by joining forces with Imperial elites to weaken militant trade unionism abroad — usually under the mantle of anti-communism. By undermining unions, AFL-CIO foreign policy helped corporations … Continue reading

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Cops and Constitutions

(Doug Brown/ACLU of Oregon) The cops are violating the Constitution by attacking people exercising their basic rights — — that much is obvious. The rounding up of random protestors because they “fit the description” is related to the discriminatory policing that … Continue reading

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SOS — Save our Sailors and Soldiers! Stop the Spread of Covid-19

By Bob Witanek and Richard Moser US military rank and file soldiers and sailors are being ravaged by an invisible enemy — the same enemy that is killing civilians across the country – COVID-19. The quandary for the US: maintain … Continue reading

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