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The Political and Rhetorical Strategies of Martin Luther King

First in a series of ten posts on MLK. Introduction Martin Luther King was one of the few political leaders, then or now, that was able to articulate a coherent political strategy that emerged from and connected with on-the-ground social … Continue reading

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Transformative Movement Culture and The Inside/Outside Strategy

The last of three posts on the Inside/Outside Strategy.  Transformative Movement Culture and the Inside/Outside Strategy  Do we want to win the argument or build the movement? The search for the “right line” or debates about the “agent of history” continues … Continue reading

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Strategic Choreography and the Inside/Outside Organizer

The second of  three posts on the Inside/Outside Strategy.  Strategic Choreography and Inside/Outside Organizers The inside/outside strategy is an approach to movement building that emphasizes learning from and coordination with resistance movements and political positions you do not completely agree … Continue reading

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What is the Inside/Outside Strategy?

The first of three posts on the IOS. What is the Inside/Outside Strategy (IOS)? The inside/outside strategy is a way to understand how the disparate currents of the labor and social movements could converge, making the whole greater than the sum … Continue reading

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