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Mueller the Politician

This also was in Counterpunch   Mueller has proven himself quite the politician. I was hoping that the indictments would bring some sort of resolution to the investigation and force all the evidence to become public. But no, this investigation … Continue reading

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How Corporate Power Killed Democracy

  Corporate Power is the Fusion of the Corporation and the State The rise of Corporate Power was the fall of democracy.  Over the long haul, US politics has revolved around a deep tension between democracy and an unrelenting drive … Continue reading

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Trump, Empire and Our Long Retreat to Tyranny

This article also appeared in Counterpunch. There has been a lot of worry about the Constitution and basic democratic rights since Trump’s election. And worry we should. But, Trump did not fall from the sky, he is a product of … Continue reading

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Reclaim the Discourse on White Privilege

Fourth in the series: Organize the White Working Class! Reclaim The Discourse on White Privilege If we want to organize the white working class to oppose both racism and our own exploitation then the concept of white privilege is indispensable.  … Continue reading

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