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What We Don’t Talk about When We Talk about Russian Hacking. Part I

  One of the America’s leading historians takes on Russia-Gate. Republished as a series from the original London Review of Books article with the permission of the author. By Jackson Lears American politics have rarely presented a more disheartening spectacle. The … Continue reading

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Whiteness Won’t Be Wished Away

Ninth in the series: Organize the White Working Class! White Workers Have Double Consciousness White workers have at least a dual identity — we are both workers and white. The history of white working-class community organizing as told by Amy Sonnie and … Continue reading

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How Corporate Power Killed Democracy

Find this also at CounterPunch and Popuar Resistance Corporate Power is the Fusion of the Corporation and the State The rise of Corporate Power was the fall of democracy.  Over the long haul, US politics has revolved around a deep tension … Continue reading

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