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Dumbass Democrats

  This article also appeared in CounterPunch Dumbass Democrats Congratulations, you played yourself! Ok, this is rant from my working-class heart, but it is due time for a rant. Well, who the hell are the Democrats going to blame now? … Continue reading

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Election Eve 2016

Whatever happens tomorrow we have made our mark on history. In declaring our independence from the two-party system we have achieved a new level of political power, raised consciousness, and done more to restore hope for democracy than any electoral … Continue reading

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Do We Vote for the “Lesser of Two Evils” or to “Recapture the Revolutionary Spirit.”

“The future of the deep structural changes we seek will not be found in the decaying political machines.” – Martin Luther King* The scale of our problems are far too great. There is far too much at stake. The problems we … Continue reading

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