Election Eve 2016


Whatever happens tomorrow we have made our mark on history. In declaring our independence from the two-party system we have achieved a new level of political power, raised consciousness, and done more to restore hope for democracy than any electoral campaign in recent history.

We may not have conquered fear but at last we are no longer its captive.

Regardless of who is in the White House there are grand changes in the wind. Seven wars, climate change, the vast militarized penal system, corporate control of government and media: these things cannot stand. The existing order is simply unsustainable because it will drive us to ruin or revolution.

We will emerge from this struggle with an opposition party; 5% of the vote or not. But, to make it real, we must take our energies and ideals into the movements for peace, democracy and a whole earth. It is time to hone our organizing skills, build truly mass movements capable of sustained non-violent resistance and to create, within our communities and organizations, the kinds of relationships we want the new world to embody. And if we do so, we can help the Green Party live up to its promise of a new economy and a new society.

It is entirely up to the us. After the election, a little retreat and rest. Soon we soldier on.

About Richard Moser

Richard Moser has over 40 years experience as an organizer and activist in the labor, student, peace, and community movements. Moser is the author of "New Winter Soldiers: GI and Veteran Dissent During the Vietnam Era," and co-editor with Van Gosse of "The World the Sixties Made: Politics and Culture in Recent America." Moser lives in Colorado.
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