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Sanders Correctly Rattles Sabers—at the Climate Change Enemy

I have invited Patrick Walker of Revolt Against Plutocracy (RAP) to be a guest blogger.  Walker and his fellow political revolutionaries at RAP are a leading force in the grassroots Sanders surge.  Best of all they have a strategy. Check out … Continue reading

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On Organizing: The Personal is Political

Third in the series: On Organizing The Personal and the Political Personal politics — deeply felt and enduring — might just be the only politics that really matter. In the late 1960’s, Carol Hanisch and others in the emerging women’s … Continue reading

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On Organizing: Between Change and Continuity

Second in the series: On Organizing Between Change and Continuity Organizers work in the creative tension between change and continuity. Organizers usually become committed to their work out of deeply held desires for fundamental social and cultural change yet they … Continue reading

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