Howling Hypocrisy?

After two years of non-stop saber-rattling and war preparations against possible microscopic meddling by Russia, the mere mention of a verifiable truth that Israel meddles in our affairs on a continuous basis draws faux-righteous rebukes from the elites. With the next breath, plotting coup against Venezuela or waging the many wars we fight against the Middle East, is supported by the same party bosses and bankers as our god-given right.

So I am supposed to believe that the architects of perpetual war — at whose hands millions have died, trillions wasted and climate destroyed — are so sensitive to the evils of the world that they simply cannot tolerate hatred? No, they love hate. Hate is the inevitable product and precondition of war. That is what Russia-gate is about. This is why we bomb Muslim-majority countrys, not Christian ones, or run coups against brown peoples but suppress even the news of the French revolution. Show me an empire that does not rely on hatred and I will show you a belief in American exceptionalism. Of all the empires, in all the world, we are supposed to believe that only the American empire fights for democracy or for humanitarian reasons.  It is this belief — more than all the criticism of our imperial actions and allies — that will eventually lead to imperial decline because it prevents us from knowing ourselves. 


By attacking critics of Israel as anti-semitic, the Democratic elites are simply doubling down on their most despicable (and failed) 2016 electoral strategy of using corporate-identity politics to attack dissent, limit free speech, and promote corporate power. This does incalculable damage to those who are actually struggling against racism, sexism and anti-semitism by masking the systematic nature of oppression —a system the party bosses have built and rule over.

What might seem like howling hypocrisy really isn’t. They know the existing order is based on war and empire and will do everything in their power to defend it. We must do everything in our power to overthrow it.

About Richard Moser

Richard Moser has over 40 years experience as an organizer and activist in the labor, student, peace, and community movements. Moser is the author of "New Winter Soldiers: GI and Veteran Dissent During the Vietnam Era," and co-editor with Van Gosse of "The World the Sixties Made: Politics and Culture in Recent America." Moser lives in Colorado.
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